Citizen Of Moria

Documentary  film





Main Character

When Ahmad’s life comes under threat by the Taliban in Afghanistan, he leaves his family behind for survival and ends up in Europe’s worst Refugee Detention Camp, Moria. The film follows his journey as a filmmaker in the detention center with hopes of a better future.

A Tent of Friendship

Short Documentary






A short documentary from behind the scene of refugee art students in the worst refugee camp in the world “MORIA” based in Lesvos island Greece. It shows how people make their life meaningful in the middle of nothing.

Lucky Vulnerable

Short films

Moria is a refugee camp in Lesvos island located 270 kilometers northeast of Athena. The island turned into a jail for a large group of people trying to come to Europe’s mainland. Up to 2019, the only way to get out of the camp was to get a vulnerability paper, which was issued by the camp’s doctors and confirmed a person’s hard illness and allowed the person to leave the camp for better healthcare in the mainland (Athena). Most people dream of the illness of their family members to get vulnerability paper.

Lucky Vulnerable are the sad stories of those people.

Positions: Producer, Writer, Director, and Editor

Together Forever

Short Film




A dance teacher who has a happy life with his family, but they are flowing by photographer…

The Terrorist

Short film






A young photographer who wants to go to Europe, to join her husband through a photo festival, walks down the streets in Kabul looking for a subject …


The Smuggling Route

Graphic Motion

Freedom of movement is the right of human being. This video was made with the purpose of informing about the possible dangers of smuggling routes.

Position: Producer & Graphic Designer

A Place That Gives Hope

Promotional Video

«One Happy Family» is a community center on the Greek island of Lesvos. Lesvos is, due to the close distance to Turkey, an important waypoint for people fleeing from wars and crises in the Middle-East and Africa. These people stay on the island for many months, as the EU-Turkey deal hinders the continuation of their journey to the mainland. Because of the severe human rights situation in Turkey, they can also not be sent back in most cases. With our center, which is growing steadily and welcomes several hundred people every day, we fill gaps which have been created by insufficient humanitarian aid and lack of governmental intervention.

Our aim is to give a measure of dignity and self-determination back to the thousands of people which are stuck on Lesvos. In the center, there are many projects, which have been built upon request and initiative of the refugees…

Position: Director, Cinematographer & Editor

In this short movie Ahamd is reflecting on the effects of the EU-Turkey ‘Deal’ on himself, his friends, neighbors and thousands others who reached European territory in the last five years.

“The hardest part of being a refugee is the uncertainty. When you don’t know anything about your future and you don’t find any reason to survive the next day, the next signature, and the next camp…”

This movie was made by the support of “Refugee Support Aegean“.

Position: Cinematographer & Editor, Writer

Kabul Carpet

Position: Co-Director & Editor

Photo Galleries

Moria Refugee Camp

Moria was the largest refugee camp in EUROPE. The capacity of the camp was 2500, and by the end of 2019, the population of the camp reached over 20000. In February 2020 Moria burned and turned to ashes. People life in Moria was miserable, and it remains miserable in Moria 2 and all over Greece.


Ahmad Ebrahimi is a filmmaker and photographer from Afghanistan. Ahmad began his career behind the camera over a decade ago, starting as a TV producer for some of Afghanistan’s major stations before moving on to directing and editing. While seeking asylum on the Greek island of Lesbos, Ahmad won the Cine15 Film Festival for his short film “Lucky Vulnerable” on one family’s plight in Moria camp.

As a refugee artist and activist, Ahmad feels strongly about sharing the voices of asylum seekers and has showcased his images of Lesbos’s squalid Moria camp in galleries across Europe. As a co-founder of Theme Cinematic Group and co-ordinator with Refocus Media Labs, he has also taught photography and film skills to university students and refugees in Afghanistan, Turkistan and Greece.

His most recent film Citizens of Moria has been nominated for the Atlantic International Film Festival and Milton Film Festival in Canada. Ahmad worked as the co-producer, -cinematographer and – director on the feature-length documentary about his life in Moria camp, with Blue Ski Production’s.

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